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Revolutionize your writing with Silly AI, the ChatGPT Chrome Extension for your browser. Unleash creativity effortlessly.

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How does it work?

  1. Install: Click the “Add to Chrome” button to install Silly AI, the ChatGPT chrome extension for your browser.
  2. Activate: Refresh your open tabs to activate the extension.
  3. Use: Start writing with ‘>>’ followed by your prompt, and hit Enter.
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Simple yet Powerful

  • Works on 95% on websites  
  • Options to Select GPT 3.5 or 4
  • Free Tokens Every Month
  • Simple UI and Easy to Start

Specially Crafted for
Google Docs & Sheets

  • Write lengthy Thesis or Business Plan
  • RIP Spreadsheet Formula & Symbols
Chat GPT for Google Docs and Sheets
Chatgpt for Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook
ChatGPT Chrome Extension - Free AI Writing Tool - Silly AI

Add this ChatGPT Chrome Extension for seamless content creation, translation & rewriting. Works on 100% sites & fastest response with GPT4 ✨

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Operating System: Chrome

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Supports all your Social Medias

  • ChatGPT for Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook
  • Post, comment and engage with help of AI

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Open chrome web store
  2. Search Silly Ai
  3. Click and Add to chrome

Silly Ai chrome extension is a free ChatGpt chrome extension. It works on all sites, small to big, it may be a comment or writing long draft or email or twitter or Linkedin post. It is very simple and lightweight. It is bloat free. Don’t add any widget to your page. Unlike other writing assistant extension, It does not add any sidebar or floating widget to your website that distracts you.

Yes, Silly Ai chatGPT extension is free to use.

  1. Install the Silly Ai ChatGPT for sheets and Google Doc extension from chrome web store.
  2. Open the GPT extension and click “Add to chrome”.
  3. Click on ChatGPT Silly Ai extension and login with your Gmail.
  4. Enjoy with your free tokens.

Silly Ai chatGPT Chrome extension works on Google Spreadsheets. It generates sheets formula. For Example: “>>give me excel formula to get first name from cell2” and you will get your formula. 

Yes, Silly Ai chatgpt extension is absolutely free with 25000 tokens monthly